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Maker Profile: The Hamilton Perkins Collection

Who: The Hamilton Perkins Collection

Where: Norfolk, Va

What: Bags made with Ground to GoodTM fabric and vinyl from old billboards.

Material Used: Canvas

A little over a year ago, an entrepreneur from Virginia, Hamilton Perkins, reached out to us with a vision – to make responsible, recycled bags from repurposed billboards and recycled fabric.

Over the course of the last couple of months, we have watched The Hamilton Perkins Collection grow from an idea…

Sneak peek at the sustainable design for the Hamilton Perkins bags made from Thread’s Ground to Good fabric and re-purposed billboards.

…to a finished product…

The Hamilton Perkins bag is made from sustainable fabric and is the most responsible (and trendy) addition to any outfit! The Hamilton Perkins bag is made from Thread’s white recycled fabric and re-purposed billboards.

… to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Recycling is the name of the game with this Hamilton Perkins bag. This sustainable fashion is made from Thread’s Ground to Good fabric and re-purposed billboards.

We’re proud to have The Hamilton Perkins Collection as another one of our growing community makers. Learn more about his cool concept, die-hard entrepreneurial attitude, and this badass use of Ground to GoodTM fabric. 

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Hamilton Perkins created a socially responsible backpack by recycling and re-purposing trash and transforming it into sustainable fashion.

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