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Tie-DIY: Create impact in your favorite color

It’s summer! Everyone loves tie-dye in the summer. If you don’t, loosen up a little. Jeez.

Anyway, we have PFGD (Prepare For Garment Dyeing) jersey in the Thread Shop. PFGD jersey is unique because it’s specifically made for you to dye it whatever color you’d like. You can learn all the basics here, but let’s focus on just one of the possibilities. Like tie-dye. We’re going to teach you how to do it, just in case you didn’t go to camp every summer of your elementary school career.

Actually, we’re not going to teach you – the newest member of Thread’s team, Kelly is going to teach you. She is our fabric fulfillment specialist and DIY aficionado. She took our PFGD jersey, tied it, dyed it, and created a cover up with it. “What I enjoyed most about working with the PFGD jersey was the ease in which I was able to dye and construct a garment with it. With the PFGD I was able to go straight into dyeing which saved a lot of time. Not only could I jump straight into dying, the fabric soaked up the dye like a sponge, and the saturation of color was distributed evenly.” Wow, what a good review! We didn’t even tell her to say that!


She also hasn’t ignored the fact that it the jersey is made with complete transparency in its supply chain. “For me it is so important to know where the textile I am using is coming from because I want to be damn sure its not coming from a factory or mill that profits off of the suffering of others.” And we can be damn sure that it’s not. Take a gander at our 2016 Impact Report while you’re waiting for your tie-dye to dry.

Alright let’s get started. You’re going to need the following:

1. A place to even do this. We would suggest going outside, unless you live in Pittsburgh like us where it rains all the time. In which case, put down some plastic or cardboard in your kitchen or bathroom.giphy (1)

2. Rubber gloves. You don’t want to walk into work with completely blue hands the next day. Trust us.

3. Bucket for dye. Check in your garage. You probably have one. Wash it first.

4. Pins, if you’re doing it Kelly’s way, rubber bands if you’re going rogue.

5. Dye- the whole point of the project. Make sure you have it. Stop into your local craft store today!

6. PFGD, obviously. Head over to and pick yourself up a few (thousand?) yards.









Got everything? Let’s get moving. Summer’s almost over!

1. Fill your bucket with your preferred amount of dye and water and get it ready for some dunkin’.

2. Make sure your PFGD jersey is damp. Run it under some water, wring it out, let it dry for juuuuust a little.

3. Fold fabric back and forth, kind of like a fan. It should look like one long strip of fabric when you’re finished with your folding spree.

4. Roll the strip of fabric into itself. Cinnamon roll style.

5. Resist the urge to run to the mall and pick yourself up a Cinnabon, now that you’ve just finished step 4.

6. Stick pins into the roll to make it say together. The pins help avoid lines that rubber bands would make, but if you’re into that, that roll of fabric could look like one of those rubber band ball for all we care.

7. Dunk the roll of fabric in the bucket of dye. Dip it or soak it, depending on how saturated you’d like it. Longer = darker and vibrant color. Shorter = pastel vibes.

8. Remove from the bucket, let sit for an hour (Perfect time to hit up the Impact Report, just sayin’.)

9. Take out the pins or rubber bands and unroll the fabric and let it dry (Did you check out that Impact Report yet? We just want to check.)

10. Wash and dry the fabric with cold water to have it set.

11. Make something amazing with it! Then put it on social media and tag us @threadintl because we really want to see the fruits of your labor. We’re impressed, we can already tell.


Stock up on some Ground to Good fabric. There are tons of DIY possibilities.We have a variety of sustainable fabrics in different colors. Browse our Ground to Good collection and pic our favorite!



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