Q: What does Ground to Good™ mean?
A: Ground to Good ™ is what we call our fabric because it describes exactly what makes this fabric unique– the transparency that lies within, literally from the ground, to the good. By using Ground to Good ™ material you’re passing on the transparency and traceability of the fabric supply chain to your finished good.

Q: What is “First Mile?”
A: Where Thread Ground to Good™ begins as raw material – the plastic bottles collected by people earning their way out of poverty.

Q: What is the “Last Mile?”
A: You!
 You complete the supply chain as the final step- creating useful stuff people love with Ground to Good™ fabric.

Q: Where are your fabrics manufactured? Where are the raw materials sourced from?
A: The raw materials used in our fabrics and yarn are sourced from Haiti and Honduras. The fabric sold in our shop and the yarn sold to brands is manufactured by strategic mill partners in the Eastern and Western hemispheres. You can find out where the recycled plastic bottles are sourced from and where the fabric is sewn in the detail section of the product page.

Q: Are your products organic?
A: Thread yarn is made with rPET or recycled polyester material (plastic bottles.) All recycled polyester that we use is post-consumer and would have otherwise continued to pollute the streets, canals and landfills of the developing world. Synthetic materials like rPET and polyester cannot be considered organic. 

Q: What information do you track and how do you verify data?
A: We trace and batch our material at the country level and maintain detailed databases of the individual collectors and center owner networks. Thread carefully selects our supply chain partners and maintain chain of custody from ground to fabric. Thread owns the material through the production process, so we’re not brokering rPET flake or purchasing rPET yarn on the commodities market. We can provide all the paperwork; packing receipts, POs, Bills of lading, and photographs etc. that prove recycled content and chain of custody. We don’t have to worry about chain of custody because we own our material from Ground to Good. Our vendors use tracking numbers and barcodes to separate and batch our material. We verify this data by our team physically visiting the countries we operate in and monitoring- both to formally audit as well as frequent unscheduled visits. We also invest in full time staff in the countries where we work.

Q: Is Thread Hiring?
A: We post all of our job and internships right here. Join us!

Q: Can you use plastic bottles from my area or are you looking for new locations?
A:  We love hearing from people who share our values and contribute to our mission, but we’ve got to be focused on impact with every move. That makes our search for the right “next place” a tough one. Continue to follow us to learn about where we’re headed next!