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2015 Impact Report – A Quick Look

For 3 years, Thread has released an Impact Report. A comprehensive, transparent look at our operations, goals, and effect on people, planet, and profit at each level of our supply chain over a 12 month period.

In this report we share the stories of the people who make our fabric possible. We stand on our soapboxes and preach the necessity of this level of measuring and sharing supply chain information. We look at where we succeeded and where we failed. We challenge ourselves to do better in the coming year.

As usual, the creation of this report is tedious, detailed, and rewarding work. I am proud to work for a company that commits to measuring what matters. I am proud that our responsibility is rooted in data and that our strategy is based in triple-bottom-line accounting. I am proud of this document, but am more proud of working with the team who is responsible for this work we are reporting on.

You can view our 2015 Impact Report in all its detailed glory here. Below are some snapshots of Thread’s 2015 impact. 2016 is off and running. I already look forward to sharing with you stories of the impact we will have over these next 12 months.

New Fabric Development

Thread’s Ground to Good t-shirt fabric and denim are sustainable fashion that complete any wardrobe. 2015 brought the development of several new fabrics including t-shirt jersey and denim. This allows Thread to provide a wide range of apparel brands with the most responsible fabric in the world.

New Supply Chains

Thread added another partner to our transparent supply chain in Haiti.

Thread partnered with Environmental Cleaning Solutions, SA in 2015, adding another Haitian recycler to our certified supply chain. By working with ECSSA, this also increased the number of plastic collectors and suppliers, some of whom are pictured above, that Thread works with.

New Threadheads

New Threadheads were added to the team and they are dedicated to making the most responsible fabric on the planet.

The Thread team grew to include 3 new employees in Pittsburgh and a Field Manager in Haiti. Above, Richardson Antoine, our new Haitian Field Manager signs his contract.

Turned a lot of trash into useful stuff people love

Thread recycles plastic bottles in Haiti and Honduras and turns it into fabric which is used to make sustainable designs.

Thread exported 440,000 lbs of plastic waste from Haiti and Honduras to be processed into fabrics. That’s 440,000 lbs of plastic generating income and supporting entrepreneurism as opposed to sitting in canals, being burned, or buried in landfills.

Asked for Feedback

Manique Lageurre runs a recycling center and is part of Thread’s transparent supply chain.

Manique Lageurre runs one of the most successful recycling center as part of the Ramase Lajan network in our supply chain, and an active leader in the group. He never hesitates to give our team feedback, make suggestions, and creatively problem solve issues that the center owners are facing.

Implemented Quality Control Labs

Quality c0ntrol testing in Port-au-Prince allows Thread to create the most responsible fabric on the planet.

Thread’s production department implemented labs and trained our recycling partners in quality control testing in Port-au-Prince last fall. Employees learned how to screen for contaminants so that we have accurate quality information regarding our raw material and adding value to the supply.

Supported Employment Opportunities for Women
Thread gives women like Nadine the opportunity to be part of our transparent supply chain.

In an industry primarily dominated by men, Nadine owns and manages a recycling collection center in Les Cayes, Haiti. She is a savvy businesswoman and her energy is contagious. Thread’s supply chains maintained a 35% female gender breakdown in 2015. 

Invested in Community Education
Thread is dedicated to creating an impact in local communities. Kelsey spoke with students in Haiti about the value of waste.

Thread understands the value of encouraging a culture around recycling and educating the communities we work with on the value of waste. Above, Thread’s Director of Impact speaks with students participating in a summer program run by Haitian NGO, Team Tassy.


Threw a Haitian Holiday Party

Thread celebrates the holidays with members of our transparent supply chain in Haiti. In December, Thread’s CEO, Director of Client Services, and Director of Marketing joined recycling collection center owners and suppliers for an afternoon of eating, drinking, and being merry. It gave us the opportunity to say thank you for a year of hard work and look forward to the next 12 months. Above, Christmas gifts are exchanged among entrepreneurs.

Captured the Stories of our Supply Chain

Thread builds personal relationships with suppliers in Haiti and Honduras.

Our team continued to spend time on the ground at every level of our supply chains recording and capturing the stories of the people responsible for making our fabric.

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