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Weekend Workshop: 5 Easy DIY Sewing Projects with Jersey Knit Fabric

Attention, Jersey girls – wait, that didn’t sound the same out aloud. Attention, ladies and gents who are ready to try crafting with jersey knits… Yeah, that’s better.

It’s been raining like woah at our office this week. Seriously, a lot. Then we woke up over the weekend and it was raining some more. So we got to thinking, “What can we do to stay busy while we drink all this coffee?”

The answer is simple: gather up some of our favorite sewing tutorials that we wish had been crafted with our new Ground to Good™ knit fabrics. Nothing is quite so über-fly as creating opportunities for other people while making something cool, so let’s get down to business.

For the Sophisticate with Skills
This pleated dress by @merrickart makes a comfortable everyday fabric look perfectly posh.

This DIY pleated fabric dress looks great, but would be even better if it was made with Thread’s sustainable light grey jersey knit fabric.

Calling The Children at Heart
Ok, these soft balloon animals by Little Inspiration are just about the cutest damn thing we’ve ever seen. Someone please make these for our office – thanks.

DIY fabric balloon animals are awesome. They would be even more awesome if they were made with the most responsible fabric on the planet. Happiness is making cool DIYs with sustainable fabric that creates dignified jobs in Haiti, Honduras, and the US.

Sleek (and So Freakin Simple) Décor
We know this looks like some knotting only possible with the help of an Eagle Scout knotting. Trust us – you got this one via eHow.

You don’t have to be an Eagle Scout to know that this DIY knot pillow would an awesome craft to make with Thread’s ethical and responsible Ground to Good fabric.

If You’re the Craftiest Mom, Aunt, or Friend Anywhere
Wanna out-gift the competition at the next baby shower on your calendar? Yeah, us too. This headband by Kelli Murray puts a glam spin on classic gray.

DIY headbands are easy to make and with Ground to Good fabric, it’s easy to make an impact

Skill Level: Bow Down
This necklace by Lebenslustiger begins with I-Cord (commonly known as Tee Yarn), which you can easily craft yourself. Then use your crochet skills to whip up this necklace in the perfect length.

Necklaces can tie any outfit together. Use Ground to Good fabric for this DIY necklace to complete your OOTD while also supporting dignified jobs and a transparent supply chain. Find your favorite Tee Yarn and get to work on this DIY necklace. Thread’s sustainable fabric will help you look good while also making an impact.

Stock Up + Get Started
Thread is dedicated to making the most responsible fabric on. the. planet. Each yard supports 3500+ income opportunities in Haiti, Honduras, and the US while helping to reduce plastic waste in areas of extreme poverty. Our online store offers select fabrics for artisans of any skill and scale, so anyone can make an impact with their next project.

Stock up on some Ground to Good fabric. There are tons of DIY possibilities. We have a variety of sustainable fabrics in different colors. Browse our Ground to Good collection and pic our favorite!

Show off your handiwork? Share your project and tag @ThreadIntl or #GroundToGood to catch the attention of our community.

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