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Every yard of Thread Ground to Good™ fabric is painstakingly monitored from the moment it’s picked up as a bottle. The goal? To learn the full story behind each product and ensure we’re taking every step possible to make the most responsible fabric on the planet. Meet some of the people in our supply chain below!

Trace the path from ground to good™

See where our fabric travels and meet the people in the First Mile who help us turn bottles into products.

1 Ground

People in the First Mile of our supply chain collect bottles from the streets, their neighbors, and yes, even the landfill to trade for cash at a local plastic collection center. Once prepared and bundled, those bottles are piled high on a truck and transported to a recycling facility for processing.

Nadine Phillipe

Collection Center Owner


cite soleil, haiti

Nadine, a Ramase Lajan collection center owner, is as reliable, motivated, and outspoken as they come. She puts her energy to good use, actively mentoring other business owners in her neighborhood, Cite Soleil.

2 Flake

Workers at each recycling facility unload and grind the bottles to make plastic flakes. Labels and caps are removed to prevent non-PET material from reaching later phases of the supply chain. High-quality flake means superior fabric and ultimately a better livelihood for people in the First Mile.


VP Sales & Marketing

Haiti Recycling

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

3 Yarn

Fibers can be spun and texturized to create a more substantial strand of yarn. Innovation in these steps allows recycled content to take the place of traditional materials, without compromising feel or flex.


Yarn Sales

National Spinning Co., Inc.

North Carolina, USA

“I began my career 20+ years ago working with great folks making yarns and fabrics in NC. I take great pride in finding applications for yarns and providing jobs for the folks who manufacture the yarns in our mills.”

4 Fabric

Ground to Good™ yarn can be woven or knit to create unique fabrics and textures. In 2017, Thread will have more than 35 fabrics in a variety of colors and finishes that enable more designers to make an impact.

eric page

Plant Manager

ITG Burlington

North Carolina, USA

“It is rewarding to develop new and innovative fabrics today in the U.S. using socially responsible materials. Burlington is very proud to be a part of the Thread supply chain.”

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