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Supplier Code Of Conduct


Thread is a for-profit company with the mission of transforming waste from the poorest countries into dignified jobs and useful stuff people love. Thread’s business model is based on a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit – valuing the environment, individuals, and communities as importantly as the financial impact of the company. Thread operates as a transparent company, holding our company to a high ethical standard as a benchmark for others to emulate. Thread seeks to work with supply chains and partners who meet or are willing to work towards these standards, and increase the positive impact of their business.


Thread’s Code of Conduct is based on the United Nations Global Compact principles and aligns with the International Labor Organization and other internationally recognized standards. Thread seeks suppliers and partners who share our core values and strive for best practices in social and environmental responsibility. Thread approves the supply chains we do business with based on the terms outlined in this code of conduct. Thread’s Code of Conduct applies to every step in the supply chain – from the moment individuals pick up recycled materials until those materials become finished products sold to consumers. Thread will translate these terms into the local languages spoken in the countries or states where our suppliers are located.


Thread’s Code of Conduct sets standards for the work-environment; labor hours, wages, and the terms and condition to hire labor, as well as the social and environmental impact from production. We expect that irrespective of the geographical location, our suppliers produce products and/or perform services for Thread in line with these standards. If any of these standards are not met, Thread pledges to work in collaboration with our suppliers to understand the root cause and to work out a sustainable corrective action plan. Thread will then assist in building the capacity of our suppliers to execute this plan and operate in line with these standards. These standards apply to regular employees, contract workers, immigrants, night workers, hourly paid workers, piece rate workers, and independent contractors.