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Take Back Policy

Why Are We Doing This?

Thread is creating the most responsible fabric in the world. We are not creating this fabric to have it end up in a landfill.

When you purchase a product made with Thread material, you are doing more than buying a new pair of shoes. You are supporting jobs, changing lives, and repurposing material that was once seen as waste. Thread partners with brands and designers who make quality products that last. We hope that you have loved your stuff made with Thread fabric and that it has served you well during its lifetime. When you are finished with that good, send it back to us, so that we can ensure those raw materials remain useful.

The Last Mile: Thread + The Renewal Workshop

Renewal Workshop Logo

The Last Mile of the supply chain (hey, that’s you!) is just as important as the First Mile. Thread is proud to be partnering with The Renewal Workshop to ensure that our fabric doesn’t reach the end of it’s life when you’re finished with it.

The Renewal Workshop is a new kind of apparel company that makes discarded clothing and textiles into something new. They partner with the world’s best-loved brands and retailers to recover value from their unsellable returns and excess inventory.

Their proprietary Renewal System takes discarded apparel and textiles and turns them into renewed apparel, upcycling materials, or feedstock for recycling. Data is collected on everything that flows through the system and is shared with their brand partners to help them improve the production and design of future products. Renewed apparel is sold direct-to-consumer on their website, in selected stores, or back to the brand. They’re the certified renewal partner of their brands and their accompanying labeling in the garment acts as a seal of trust and quality.

The Renewal Workshop operates a zero waste circular system that recovers the full value out of what has already been created as a way of serving customers, partners, and planet.

How To Participate

We will accept any Thread-branded product when you are finished with it, simply ship it to Threadquarters:

Attn: Take Back
124 S. Highland Ave.
Suite 210
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Through our partnership with The Renewal Workshop, we’ll ensure that your goods are refurbished or repaired, re-sold, or that the raw materials are recycled. If you’d like to include a note letting us know where you’ve taken that bag, or what you have accomplished while wearing that t shirt, we’d love to hear your stories. Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that materials stay useful and that Thread products continue to have positive impact.