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Introducing: Reclaimed Jersey

Let’s be clear: I used to think textiles were terrible.

As a kid my mom, a world class seamstress and lover of all things crafts, would drag me into fabric stores to look around. “Looking around the fabric store” is the death sentence of a summer day for a 9 year old.

As she would test hand feel and drape, I would try to steal the zig zag scissors they used for cutting, build forts out of of fabric bolts, and generally do anything I could to get us kicked out. I was a guerilla warrior of cotton chiffon and appliques. My oppressor was boredom and it’s name was Joann Fabrics.


A Change of Heart

It wasn’t until much later that I realized woven and knit materials are beautiful not just because of how they look, but because of what they say. I love them now because they’re a medium; a way to bring together the people who make with the people who buy, and to connect us all back to our environment in powerful ways.

Considering the wretched state of the apparel industry and the way we treat people and the planet in the quest for marginally cheaper and faster goods, I think textiles can also be ugly for the same reasons.

At Thread we’re constantly thinking about which of these stories we’re going to tell. This is why I’m proud to announce that starting today, Thread will begin replacing the conventional cotton in our t-shirt jersey with reclaimed cotton. The new product is 50% Ground to Good™ poly from the poorest neighborhoods in Haiti, and 50% cotton that was destined for the landfill. The resulting poly blend is really soft, really beautiful, and a ton better for the planet and people than the other stuff out there.

Here’s how each yard breaks down:

  • 50% Post-consumer Ground to Good™ polyester
  • 50% Reclaimed American cotton from select US mills
  • Supports 3,575 income opportunities in the neighborhoods we serve
  • Removes 3.6 bottles from the streets and canals of Haiti and Honduras
  • Saves 115 gallons of water when compared to 100% conventional cotton  

Thread’s Ground to Good jersey knit is 50% recycled polyester and 50% reclaimed cotton. This blend is better than using conventional cotton and creates environmental impact.


Oh yeah, and it’s available in Black, Navy, Light Grey, and Dark Grey. Learn more here.

If you’re a beast-sized company and make t-shirts, pajamas, dog beds, sheets, or anything that uses the soft goodness that is your favorite t-shirt material, you best contact our sales team before your competitors do.

Not to worry makers, smaller manufacturers, and other lovers of Thread. We believe you have the right to responsible coolness as well whether you’re making 10 or 10 Million of something.

Battle on, fabric vikings.



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