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Monday Mailbag: How to Internship Like a Boss (Like Evan)

It always brightens our day when we get messages from students looking for more information about Thread. Since our resident Young Person® and recent graduate, Evan, isn’t going back to school for the first time in 16 years (🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉), we assigned him this week’s Q&A. 

Hi there! I am a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and I am a huge environment geek, which is why I have become increasingly interested in this incredible company! (Editor’s note: you alliterate, girl!)

I love every single thing about Thread. It’s such a brilliant cycle. The work and research being done are absolutely wonderful.

I saw that you have a fall internship open which sounds incredible if only I would be able to work and study all at once! I was hoping to pick your brain about a summer internship.

Will Thread be offering an internship here in Pittsburgh during the summer of 2017? If so, can you share some advice on what I could be doing this fall semester to shape myself into the best applicant?


Yes, we have internships! Before taking a full time position at Thread, I worked as an intern here last summer.

Need a job? Thread hires interns who will work on a team that creates dignified jobs in Haiti and Honduras.

Typically, we hire at least one intern per cycle (i.e. fall/summer), and you can usually find them on our hiring page. Or you could take the route I took and bug a member of the team until he gives you an interview. Warning: results may vary. Either way, there’s ample opportunity for students to become a part of what we’re doing.

How to stand out among the crowd

Great performance in the classroom is obviously important – it’s the main reason why you’re at school, I hope! But it’s not the only way to set yourself apart. For me and several other Threadheads, what we learned outside of the classroom helped us develop a diverse range of skills and passions that were equally, if not more, applicable to our professional lives.

I studied sustainability and business at THE Ohio State University, but I also learned a ton about philanthropy and digital marketing through my experiences with BuckeyeThon and the Buckeye NutHouse.

Interns should get involved on campus because it shows Thread that you are ready to work hard on a fast-paced team dedicated to making the most responsible fabric on the planet.
Get involved – even if they only give you the 37 cents to hold. You’re probably the only one who can be trusted with two numbers and a punctuation mark, like Evan. Look at that form.

As a result, I became someone who understood sustainability, but also had semi-professional experience in marketing that ended up being applicable to my internship. The best part? That I didn’t have to double major to get that experience. (Take that, traditional educational model!)

Moral of the story: if you have the chance to get involved in some student orgs and develop some applicable skills outside of your normal wheelhouse or major coursework, do it! The classroom will give you the skills listed on the syllabus; your extracurriculars will give you skills for life.

So you got the job (at Thread, duh) – What can you expect?

The coolest and most impactful internship that will make all your friends and family exceedingly jealous. Seriously.

Since the team is still growing you’ll get to know everyone’s role very quickly. You’ll also find out that everyone can use a little help because there’s so much to do. Have photography skills? We’re always taking product photos for our Maker Site and collecting content. Love to write? We put out new blog posts all the time. Enjoy research? Our sales and impact teams will love you. One way or another, we’ll help you get a feel for what you like and what you don’t, so that you’ll actually enjoy the work you do every day.

This may not sound groundbreaking (yet), but our team almost always takes opinions into account. Just because you’re an intern doesn’t mean that your insight is less valid than the idea of someone who’s been at the company since the beginning. There have been several occasions where a team member has flat-out asked an intern for his or her input on the topic at hand. While those situations can be scary at first, it ensures that everyone is heard. The point is: you’ll actually be a voice at the table and a contributing member of the team. We don’t have the time or resources for you not to be.

Threadheads working hard in Pittsburgh to create a social impact in Haiti and Honduras through the creation of dignified jobs in a transparent supply chain.

Why it matters.

At the end of the day, we know our work makes a difference in people’s lives. We can directly point to individuals in the supply chain who have a reliable source of income as a result of the work we’ve done. We have removed over 31 million (yes, MILLION) bottles from some of the poorest neighborhoods on the planet. And we’re well on the way to changing an archaic industry for the better alongside some of the most noted names in the industry.

Plain and simple, working at Thread is something I’m proud to talk about. And I can guarantee that if you work with us, it’s something you’ll be proud to share with others as well.

If you have any more questions about being an intern or working at Thread, don’t hesitate to reach out!

– Evan

Have a question buggin’ you that Thread could squash? Contact us @threadintl and ask!

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