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B The Change

Volunteering is sexy. It builds community. It benefits your psyche. It’s a great way to meet people and make you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. We can all agree volunteering = good, yea?

Thread believes volunteering is good too. We may have a business model that inherently has positive social and environmental impact as a direct result of our operations, but we also see the value in giving your time to organizations doing important work.

Thread offers all full-time employees five-paid volunteer days (40 hours) each year supplemental to vacation time. Employees can use this time to support causes and organizations they care about. Threadheads co-chair fundraisers, give presentations on recycling at schools, talk to college classes about social business, participate in a myriad of 5ks, walks, triathlons, and yes, sometimes we even run across countries.

In 2014, our team spent 1,033 hours on and off the clock volunteering for non-profit organizations in our hometown of Pittsburgh, and around the world. That’s 206 hours per employee.

During the week of June 16, B Corps all over the country participated to B the Change in our communities by organizing volunteering events for employees and friends. I joined our neighbors and Fellow B Corp, AE Works, for an afternoon spent helping to pack medical supplies at Global Links.


Global Links is one of my favorite non-profits in Pittsburgh. The organization works to redirect still-useful medical materials away from US landfills to support public health programs in targeted communities throughout the Western Hemisphere. They provide important support and equipment to hospitals that really need it while extending the life of useful materials. In short, they do important work; they work toward a day when no one will die for lack of what others throw away. If that’s not a mission that resonates with you, I don’t know what is.

We spent the afternoon sorting and packing vials that were no longer useful to the hospital they came from, but  are needed elsewhere. I also had the chance to talk shop about B-corp certification, volunteer policies, and office waste-management with my fellow B corp employees at AE Works.

Photo courtesy of AE Works

It was a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.


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