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The Upside to Overconfidence (or How to Run Through Quicksand and Brick Walls)

A couple of weeks ago, Steve Adelkoff, President of Renewable Manufacturing Gateway, wrote a blog post on the value of tenacity and overconfidence, which appropriately featured Thread’s own Ian and Lee. Aside from being proud of our CEO and COO for earning praise from such a respected person, the content speaks to our collective attitude towards ‘GSD’ or ‘Getting stuff done.’

Thank you Steve and RMG for the kind words and your permission to repost your insights.


“If you’re a fan of behavioral economics or you religiously read NY Times best sellers, you’ll recognize Professor Kahneman as the Nobel laureate who brought Prospect Theory to us. He recently did the world a great service when he authored Thinking: Fast and Slow, which was a best seller.

Kahneman reminds us that we tend to underestimate the role luck plays when good things happen. Overconfidence leads us to believe we have more control over future events then we really have. Optimists persevere when all odds are against them, sometimes with disastrous results…”

Read the rest of the Blog post from Renewable Manufacturing Gateway (RMG) here

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