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What Good Will You Do With Your Bag?

Last week we launched our first product collaboration, with Pittsburgh-based Moop.  It has been an exciting week here at Threadquarters. The support and encouragement we heard from family, friends, and strangers has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you!

We’ve heard on twitter that the first batch of bags are making their way to new homes – and we’d like to see them in action.

So please – SHOW US YOUR BAGS!

The story of this bag doesn’t stop at your doorstep, we want to know how it continues with you. What will your Moop+Thread bag be used for? What good will you do with your bag? Get creative!

Post photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of your bag in action with the hashtag #GroundtoGood.

Share how the story continues with you, and we’ll share your photos with our partners and friends in Haiti. Our favorites will be selected to receive a special surprise in the mail. (Go ahead, guess.)

The excitement here is nothing compared to reaction from our partners and colleagues in Haiti. The people who have worked so hard to make Thread fabric possible are pumped.  See for yourself:


For those of you keeping score, that’s 37 exclamation points.

You did good by selecting this bag – now what good will you do with it?

Thank you and good luck!

The Thread Team

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